The CW Announces Fall 2017 Schedule; ‘Riverdale’ Moves To Wednesday With ‘Dynasty’ Reboot, ‘Arrow’ To Thursday & More

The CW has now revealed their 2017 Fall Schedule, making the fifth and final network to do so. The CW’s fall lineup includes ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ continuing to follow ‘The Flash’ on Tuesdays, ‘Riverdale’ followed by the ‘Dynasty’ reboot on Wednesdays, and ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Arrow’ on Thursdays. Continue after the jump to read the full fall lineup for The CW.

The CW makes the fifth and final network to announce their 2017 Fall Schedule. You can view the other network schedules by clicking on the appropriate network below.

NBC Fall 2017 Schedule

FOX Fall 2017 Schedule

ABC Fall 2017 Schedule

CBS Fall 2017 Schedule


Immediately below you can view The CW’s recently announced Fall 2017 Schedule. New shows are in bold & italics.

8-9 PM — Supergirl
9-10 PM — Valor

8-9 PM — The Flash
9-10 PM — DC’S Legends of Tomorrow

8-9 PM — Riverdale (New Night)
9-10 PM — Dynasty

8-9 PM — Supernatural
9-10 PM — Arrow (New Night & Time)

8-9 PM — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (New Time)
9-10 PM — Jane the Virgin (New Night)


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