Magnolia.Giveaway.Extravaganza-ImageWe are working with Magnolia Home Entertainment to offer a number of our lucky readers the opportunity to win copies of some recently released Magnolia and Magnet titles. We have Blu-ray copies of ‘Experimenter’, ‘Last Shift’ and ‘Skin Trade’ as well as DVD copies of ‘Entertainment’ to giveaway to our readers. Hit the jump for the instructions on how you can enter for your chance to win.

Courtesy of Magnolia Home Entertainment, we have two (2) copies each of the following four titles to give away to our readers: ‘Experimenter’ (Blu-ray), ‘Last Shift’ (Blu-ray), ‘Skin Trade’ (Blu-ray) and ‘Entertainment’ (DVD). Winners will be  will be contacted via email after the entry deadline at which point the Blu-ray’s (or DVD’s) will be shipped from us personally. Just follow the two simple steps listed below in order to enter the giveaway for your chance to win and good luck!:


PLEASE NOTE: The Deadline for entering is Monday, April 25, 2016! No entries submitted after April 25 will be accepted and only US residents are eligible to win.


Simply send an email to with the header/topic being the first word (if more than one) in the title of the release you’re interested in winning, such as ‘Experimenter’, ‘Last’, ‘Skin’ or ‘Entertainment’ and then in the body of the email simply put ‘Enter’. All individuals may enter the sweepstakes for up to all four titles if interested, yet a separate email must be sent for each entry. The second step only need be done once no matter how many titles you are entering for.


Do any one of the following three options:

A. Like our Facebook page and the giveaway post (or any post) pinned to the top of the page

B. Follow us on Twitter and favorite the giveaway post on there

C. Sound off in the comments below telling us who why you would love to own one or more of these titles!


‘Experimenter’, ‘Last Shift’, ‘Skin Trade’ & ‘Entertainment’ are each now available to own on Blu-ray and DVD from Magnet Releasing and/or Magnolia Home Entertainment!



  1. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for having it! I would be very happy to own ‘Last Shift’, because I’m a big supporter of smaller studio films, and indie films, especially horror, thriller and the action genres. And I’ve been wanting to see ‘Last Shift’ ever since I first heard and read about it. So I’m entering for ‘Last Shift’ only. Thanks! Fingers Crossed

  2. This is an incredible giveaway!

    I’m only interested in “Entertainment” and “Experimenter”. I would love to see “Entertainment” because I do love films that make you laugh while making you squirm. It has been awhile since I have seen a film that was unapologetic and risky.

    I want to see “Experimenter” because I love films that allow you to think about the world around you, not just about human nature, but also about why we are the way we are.

    I just entered for both “Entertainment” and “Experimenter” only. Thank you.

  3. I would like to win ‘Experimenter’ (Blu-ray), ‘Skin Trade’ (Blu-ray) or ‘Entertainment’ (DVD). I would like to win ‘Experimenter’ because the plot of the film sounds very interesting as well as original to me and I would really like to see how it plays out. Not to mention, it stars Peter Sarsgaard, who is one of my favorite actors and Winona Ryder, who is one of my favorite actresses and I would really like to find out how they did in their roles in the film.

    I would like to win ‘Skin Trade’ because the plot of the film also sounds very interesting to me and I believe I would really enjoy seeing how it plays out. Not to mention, it seems to be a great action movie and I typically love good action films.

    Finally, I would like to win ‘Entertainment’ because the main character of the film sounds very interesting to me and I would really like to find out how he grows/evolves over the course of the movie.

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