A list of 5 currently running TV Shows you should be watching if you are not already!


First off, a simple fact about myself that some may not be aware of: I am a television nut as much as I am a movie nut. I only watch scripted television but I watch a very hefty amount of it and there are a vast number of great shows out there. Since at this point I watch such a ridiculous amount of shows, I have a wide variety of shows to pick and choose from (I probably watch somewhere in the vicinity of 50 currently running shows, give or take) so I thought I would suggest some of my favorites for the readers out there who may have missed out or not realized what they were missing out on with some of these great shows. You can check out the list following the jump and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for future editions.

Sons of Anarchy:


Anyone who knows me at all probably knows that my favorite current running show is ‘Sons of Anarchy’ so it should therefore be no surprise to see it here. For those who have yet to check it out, there is no series I can give a higher recommendation than this one. It took some convincing to get me to give the show a shot because the whole motorcycle thing does not excite me at all, in fact it was one of the main things that deterred me from watching sooner. Now here we are, SOA is on its sixth and (presumably) second to last season and it has become my favorite show on television. This is one of those shows where you don’t know what to expect and it will throw you for a ride. There have been too many episodes to count where the intensity level was so high it was almost difficult to watch (and I mean that as the ultimate compliment) and I recommend this series to everyone I can.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ is currently airing its sixth season, Tuesday’s at 10pm on FX.


Person of Interest:


From Jonathan Nolan (co-writer of The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises) comes this fantastic series starring Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson and a number of other highly talented cast members. ‘Person of Interest’ is my second favorite currently airing TV series (don’t worry the list of my favorites by number ends there and the other three shows are in no particular order) and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The series focuses on an odd combination of individuals who end up joining forces to help protect (or stop) individuals who are about to be attacked (or do the attacking) based on information provided to them from a super computer created to detect huge threats to humanity but consider these singular threats to be irrelevant.

‘Person of Interest’ is currently airing its third season, Tuesday’s at 10pm on CBS.


Grimm - Season 2

‘Grimm’ tells the story of a police detective who finds out that the monsters he had heard about in stories as a child are actually true, and he is the last in a line of ancient ‘Grimm’s’ that can see these creatures for what they truly are and help maintain the balance. With the help of an odd group of friend’s he delves into a world few know about. This show is the perfect balance of a cop procedural combined with a dark fairy tale and it pulls it off flawlessly. Even on its Friday timeslot it has gained a respectable following and has a large number of fans including myself.

‘Grimm’ is currently airing its third season, Friday’s at 9pm on NBC.




Welcome to the possible (fingers crossed) beginning of a DC universe on television.  ‘Arrow’ tells the story of Oliver Queen, who upon returning home from being stranded on an island fighting for survival for 5 years, don’s a hood, in addition to a bow and arrow and a few other unique toys and decides to try to begin cleaning up his criminally infested city after learning the truth of his father’s legacy. Comic fans will know the story of ‘Green Arrow’ and while I wasn’t the hugest fan of ‘Smallville’ (I actually quit watching it which I rarely do with a show I dedicate a significant amount of time to) I must say ‘Arrow’ is absolutely awesome! It really brings home the action-packed comic vibe that has so recently become a huge part of the movie-going experience to your living room. The first season was fantastic and one of the best new shows of last year in my opinion, and the second season has so far only exceeded my opinion of the show to even higher standards as it’s quickly made its way into the list of my favorite currently running shows.

‘Arrow’ is currently airing its second season, Wednesday’s at 8pm on The CW.





I can easily say that there is no question at all that ‘Homeland’ is one of the best shows on television right now. It delves deep into the terrorist aspect we are all so familiar with post 911 from the CIA’s point of view and deals with the even more terrifying idea of the possibility of our own people turning.  Claire Danes gives the best performance of her career in my opinion, easily earning the multiple awards her portrayal of Carrie Mathison has earned her. The writing on this show could not be more superb, and the performances on this show are fantastic all around the board, those of Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin just to name a few. This is one of the most intense and well written shows currently airing on television today and one I would highly recommend giving a shot. I don’t think you will regret it.

‘Homeland’ is currently airing its third season, Sunday’s at 9pm on Showtime.

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