‘John Dies At The End’ Is Now Available On VOD; Just Make Sure You Watch This New Anti-Piracy Trailer Before You Think Of Stealing Or Pirating The Film Or You Might Regret It



The new film ‘John Dies At The End’ is now officially available for rent on most VOD providers!  The film is directed by Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, Bubba Ho-tep) and is based on one of my personal favorite novels of the same name by David Wong.  To celebrate it’s release on VOD, Magnet Releasing put out a hilarious new ‘anti-piracy trailer’ to warn about strange occurrences that seem to be occurring to those trying to pirate the film.  It’s really a pretty clever idea and the new trailer features a good amount of gore from the film too.  Continue on after the jump to check out the ‘anti piracy trailer.’

Immediately below you can out the new ‘Anti-Piracy Trailer’ for the film.

‘John Dies At The End’ is now available to rent on most VOD platforms and will hit limited theaters on January 25 via Magnet Releasing.

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