Check Out The Official Trailer For Broken Lizard Produced ‘Freeloaders’

The official trailer for the new film produced by Broken Lizard titled ‘Freeloaders’ has been released.  The film is currently set to hit VOD on December 11 with a limited theatrical release to follow in January 2013.  Continue on after the jump for the trailer.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Broken Lizard and can’t name a single one of their films i didn’t enjoy.  From ‘Super Troopers’ to ‘The Slammin Salmon’ and back to the heavily debated ‘Club Dredd’ i immensely enjoyed every single one of them.  I hadn’t heard much about this film but just due to the fact it’s being produced by Broken Lizard and seems to be in the usual style of their outings I can say with certainty that I will absolutely be checking it out even it it’s not a full on Broken Lizard film.  Directly below you can check out the trailer for the film as well as the poster.


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