‘Mayans M.C.’; The Official Trailer For Season 4 Teases The War Ahead

mayans m.c. season 4, trailerFX has now released the Official Trailer for Season 4 of ‘Mayans M.C.’ offering our first real look at footage from the upcoming season. Continue on to check out the trailer now.

Below you can watch the Official Trailer for ‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 4 featuring a look at some real footage from the upcoming season which is set to debut April 19, 2022 on FX (and next day on Hulu) with two new episodes.

The fourth season of ‘Mayans M.C.’ is expected to pick up immediately following the cliffhanger that concluded season 3. The last we saw of the Mayans an army had begun attacking the gates of their compound as EZ stood alone outside awaiting the fight. Season 4 will see a war ignite between other M.C.’s as well as within the Mayans own ranks.

via FX: Mayans M.C. follows the life of Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, a member of the Mayans M.C. charter on the Cali/Mexi border. EZ, his brother Angel and the rest of the Santo Padre M.C. face retaliation from other charters after a failed attempt to align under one King. Meanwhile, EZ and Angel have grown distant from their father Felipe (Edward James Olmos) after a heart wrenching betrayal.

Are you getting excited for the new season of ‘Mayans M.C.’ and will you be tuning in later this month when it debuts? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the trailer and the series itself!

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