DEG Watched At Home Top 20 List For 07/01/21: Godzilla Vs. Kong, Batman: The Long Halloween – Part 1

DEG Watched At Home Top 20 List For 07/01/21: Godzilla Vs. Kong, Batman: The Long Halloween - Part 1 1Welcome back to another new installment of our weekly ‘DEG Watched at Home Top 20’ posts where we continue to keep you updated with all of the most popular movies and television shows watched at home each week, compiled and released by the Digital Entertainment Group like always.

This week’s new ‘DEG Watched at Home Top 20’ list for July 1, 2021 (compiled of data for the week ended 06.26.21) once again sees ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ take the top spot, followed by the action comedy ‘Nobody’ which holds steadily for another week in second. ‘Rick and Morty: Season 5’ debuts on the list this week in third following the new season premiere, followed by the ‘Harry Potter 8-Film Collection’ in fourth and ‘Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train’ lands in fifth to round out the top five. Continue on below to read this week’s full news release with the new ‘DEG Watched at Home Top 20’ list and then let us know in the comments what you’ve been watching!

DEG Watched At Home Top 20 List For 07/01/21: Godzilla Vs. Kong, Batman: The Long Halloween - Part 1 2


Godzilla vs. Kong held on to the No. 1 spot on this week’s DEG ‘Watched at Home Top 20’ and the actioner Nobody stayed at No. 2. Newcomers Rick and Morty: S5 joined at No. 3 and the anime film Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train came in at No. 5.  The Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection used its magic to jump 12 spots to No. 4. Also new this week is the highly popular mockumentary office comedy The Office: S1-9 at No. 6. The animated direct-to-video superhero film Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One landed at No. 8 following a June 22nd digital and physical release, and Fast and the Furious: 1-8 sped to No. 11 prior to Fast and Furious 9 hitting theaters.  Promising Young Woman returned to the chart at No. 13 after a month-long absence.
DEG compiles the ‘Watched at Home Top 20’ list with the most widely consumed titles on disc and digital during the previous week (except for outside subscription-based streaming platforms). Assembled with the newest studio and retailer data every seven days, it showcases current consumer enthusiasm for home viewing of the newest film and television releases.
Please see below for the July 1 ‘Watched at Home Top 20’ list:
  1. Godzilla vs. Kong (Warner Bros.)
  2. Nobody (Universal)
  3. Rick and Morty: S5 (Warner Bros.)
  4. Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Coll (Warner Bros.)
  5. Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train (Aniplex of America)
  6. The Office: S1-9 (Universal)
  7. The Marksman (Universal)
  8. Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One (Warner Bros.)
  9. The Unholy (Sony Pictures)
  10. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Warner Bros.)
  11. Fast and the Furious: 1-8 (Universal)
  12. Game of Thrones: S1-8 (Warner Bros.)
  13. Promising Young Woman (Universal)
  14. Tom and Jerry (Warner Bros.)
  15. Yellowstone: S1 (Paramount)
  16. Friends: S1-10 (Warner Bros.)
  17. Four Good Days (Vertical Entertainment)
  18. A Quiet Place (Paramount)
  19. The Hitman’s Bodyguard (Lionsgate)
  20. News of the World (Universal)
Includes U.S. Digital Sales, Digital Rentals (VOD), DVD & Blu-ray for week ended 06.26.21; excluding PVOD
DEG advocates and promotes entertainment platforms, products, and distribution channels that support the movie, television, music, consumer electronics, and IT industries. With the objective to support and drive marketing initiatives, DEG’s list has been created to increase awareness and encourage adoption by the public and consuming audience of emerging home entertainment formats and new distribution models. The Watched at Home Top 20 is published each Thursday on DEG’s website,, and is distributed in its daily DEN email.

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