‘City On A Hill’ Renewed For Season 3 By Showtime

city on a hill season 3Some great news today for fans of the crime drama series ‘City On A Hill’ as Showtime has officially renewed the show for season 3.

The renewal for season 3 arrives weeks after the sophomore season of the crime drama wrapped its run on May 16. The season 3 renewal is once again expected to have an episode order of 8 episodes and is planned for a 2022 debut on the premium channel.

Created by Chuck MacLean, ‘City On A Hill’ stars Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge and follows one man’s quest to try and bring some justice to corrupt Boston Law Enforcement in the 1990’s which too often sees him forced to pair with a dirty FBI agent.

Are you a fan of the series and are you excited that it will be returning for another season on Showtime? Don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the news!

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