‘Castle Rock’ Officially Cancelled By Hulu

castle rock cancelledIt’s official, Hulu has now officially cancelled ‘Castle Rock’ after two seasons, confirming that it will not be returning for a third season on the streaming service.

The official cancellation of ‘Castle Rock‘ isn’t overly surprising as Hulu had previously stated that no plans for a third season had yet materialized, although the outlook wasn’t nearly as certain as it is now. The anthology series which is based upon the the characters and town featured in numerous Stephen King novels concluded its sophomore season on Hulu over a year ago.

While some may be hoping to see the show resurrected elsewhere that seems fairly unlikely at this point, with Deadline reporting that there are no plans to bring it over to HBO Max (the main source for Warner’s digital content right now).

Were you a fan of ‘Castle Rock’ and are you disappointed that it won’t be returning for another season? Don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the news!

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