DEG Watched At Home Top 20 List For 10/22/20: Friday The 13th Collection, The Office, Friends

DEG Watched At Home Top 20 List For 10/22/20: Friday The 13th Collection, The Office, Friends 1Welcome back to another new edition of our weekly ‘DEG Watched at Home Top 20 List’ posts where we keep you updated on the most popular movies and television shows watched at home each week, always compiled and released by the Digital Entertainment Group.

This week’s new ‘DEG Top 20 List’ for October 22, 2020 sees plenty of changes in the Top 20, with ‘Ava’, the previous multi-week top spot holder pushed to third while the new ‘Friday the 13th Deluxe Collection’ 12-film set released on Blu-ray from Shout/Scream Factory takes first. The ‘Harry Potter 8-film Collection meanwhile jumps up into second while ‘Hocus Pocus’ takes fourth and ‘The Office: The Complete Series’ makes an appearance in fifth place rounding out the top five. Also making appearances on the list this week are ‘Friends: The Complete Series’ which debuts in eleventh and ‘Game of Thrones: The Complete Series’ which arrives in fifteenth. Continue below to check out the full news announcement with this week’s new ‘DEG Watched at Home Top 20 List’ and then be sure to sound off in the comments to let us know what you’ve been watching recently!

DEG Watched At Home Top 20 List For 10/22/20: Friday The 13th Collection, The Office, Friends 2


With Halloween upon us this weekend, what better way to enjoy the spooky holiday than with a great selection of movies, courtesy of DEG’s “Watched at Home Top 20” list. Debuting on this week’s chart is the Friday the 13th Collection (12-Film) at No. 1, along with Hocus Pocus at no. 4, Beetlejuice at no. 13 and The Nightmare Before Christmas at no. 20. Consumer interest in collections are also rising with the holiday shopping season in full effect, driven by aggressive retail promotions and a lingering lack of new releases. Sales of TV and catalog titles on Bu-ray and DVD grew 49 percent over the same week last year. Boxed sets led the way, including fantasies Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection and Middle Earth 6-Film Collection (including The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings), and Game of Thrones: The Complete Series 1-8. TV collections of The Office and Friends lent a lighter tone to the week.

DEG compiles the ‘Watched at Home Top 20’ list with the most widely consumed titles on disc and digital during the previous week (except for outside subscription-based streaming platforms). Assembled with the newest studio and retailer data every seven days, it showcases current consumer enthusiasm for home viewing of the newest film and television releases.

Please see below for the October 22 ‘Watched at Home Top 20’ list:

  1. The Friday the 13th Collection (Shout Factory, 12-film)
  2. Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection (Warner)
  3. Ava (Vertical Entertainment, 2020)
  4. Hocus Pocus (Disney)
  5. The Office: The Complete Series 1-9 (Universal)
  6. Yellowstone: S3 (Paramount)
  7. Yellowstone: S1 (Paramount)
  8. Yellowstone: S2 (Paramount)
  9. Middle Earth 6-Film Collection: Theatrical (Warner)
  10. Trolls World Tour (Universal)
  11. Friends: The Complete Series 1-10 (Warner)
  12. The Secret: Dare to Dream (Lionsgate)
  13. Beetlejuice (Warner)
  14. Batman: Death in the Family (Warner)
  15. Game of Thrones: The Complete Series 1-8 (Warner)
  16. The Phenomenon (1091)
  17. Star Trek: Picard: S1 (Paramount)
  18. Alone (Magnolia Pictures, 2020)
  19. The Tax Collector (RLJ Entertainment)
  20. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney)

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Includes U.S. Digital Sales, Digital Rentals (VOD), DVD & Blu-ray for week ended 10.17.20.

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