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Cast: Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber

Release Date: December 17, 2019

A Review By: Kevin Lovell

Disc Rating: 6.5/10


On the fourth season of Fuller House, the Tanners, Fullers and Gibblers are set for more fun adventures and life-changing moments. Steve and D.J. face relationship pressures while they try to recreate the magic they used to have when they were younger. Jackson learns how to drive, begins playing high school sports and attends the prom. Max runs for class president. Kimmy deals with pregnancy cravings and worries her relationship with Stephanie will change once she has Stephanie’s baby. Stephanie questions her ability to be a mom. Danny ponders if retirement was the right call, and Fernando gets a surprise visit from his mother.  It’s an exciting season filled with laughs, surprises and good times that fans won’t want to miss!

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[DVD Review] Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season; Now Available On DVD & Digital From Warner Bros 4

The fourth season of ‘Fuller House’ sees numerous changes in the air with D.J. and Steve having finally realized they want to be together and embarking upon a new relationship from scratch, yet simultaneously loaded with history. Meanwhile, their newfound realization has left repercussions, including D.J.’s ex and former vet partner Matt opening his own business nearby which launches a feud with D.J. and a fight for customers. At the same time, Stephanie finds herself trying to prepare for motherhood, while also getting a bit overly protective of Kimmy currently pregnant with her future child which leads to a closer bond between the pair forming amidst the disagreements. Meanwhile, the kids of the household tackle their own problems with love, school politics and more, as Danny remains at the house on an extended stay while struggling with career decisions. And that’s only part of the craziness and humorous fun that season four of ‘Fuller House’ has to offer.

[DVD Review] Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season; Now Available On DVD & Digital From Warner Bros 5

The fourth season of ‘Fuller House’ comes with plenty of excitement, stress and crazy happenings occurring throughout the Tanner-Fuller-Gibbler household. With everything on the table this season from Holiday blues and uncertain young love, to a new baby on the way for Stephanie and Kimmy’s brother, with Kimmy as the surrogate of all people. Interestingly enough, the fourth season might also just be the funniest yet, the goofy fun and laughs seeming to come far more frequently than usual. But worry not as the show never leaves the heart and emotion behind in favor of the laughs, still managing to balance it all remarkably well and keep to the show’s familiar tone, even with some notable behind the scenes changeups occurring. As far as the technical aspects of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s 2-disc ‘Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season’ DVD release are concerned, it collects all 13 episodes from the show’s fourth (and it now appears penultimate) season between two discs, and while unsurprisingly absent of any bonus content just as the other sets were, it serves up quite clean and capable widescreen video presentations and multichannel soundtracks on every episode that should surely satisfy those who found little to no complaints with the previous three season releases of ‘Fuller House’ on DVD and those individuals will likely also want to add season four to their collection whenever possible.

[DVD Review] Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season; Now Available On DVD & Digital From Warner Bros 6

Overall, season four of ‘Fuller House’ delivers another funny, rewarding and just downright enjoyable collection of episodes at the Fuller household with plenty of new struggles, life lessons and rewarding moments to be had by all. The series continues to prove itself to be a funny, touching and thoroughly family friendly show, the likes of which we sadly don’t see enough of these days. Fans that have been collecting the DVD releases for each season and have been generally pleased with what they have to offer should be equally satisfied with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s 2-disc DVD release of ‘Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season’ which provides solid overall video presentations accompanied by nice multichannel soundtracks for all thirteen episodes, in addition to matching artwork and side-slipcase packaging that’ll fit on your shelf perfectly with the show’s previous three DVD season sets.

[DVD Review] Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season; Now Available On DVD & Digital From Warner Bros 7


The DVD release of ‘Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season’ features a 16×9 friendly video presentation utilizing the show’s original 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio on all of the fourth season’s episodes. The video presentations look pretty great, and deliver quite admirably within the confines of the DVD format; offering generally sharp, smooth and brightly colored presentations with little lacking throughout and no notable faults to be uncovered along the way; even holding up smoothly during the more heavily populated and fast moving moments. Overall, these are solid standard definition video presentations that look quite great altogether and should more than satisfy those who were pleased with the show’s previous DVD sets and anyone still content with the DVD format in general.


The DVD release includes a 384 Kbps 5.1 channel Dolby Digital soundtrack on all 13 Season Four episodes. These multichannel soundtracks provide solid audio presentations on every episode that remain sharp, clean and smooth throughout. They don’t often get too aggressive with the surround elements, with bits of music and other minor tidbits occasionally occupying the back channels while keeping the majority of activity front and center as one would expect (by no means a fault of the soundtracks, merely the way the show is presented which often doesn’t leave much need or even rhyme or reason for excessive back-channel content) and never encountering any troubles throughout. Overall, these are great 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtracks that more than deliver in every way required of them and shouldn’t disappoint.


As was the case with the previous season releases on DVD, the DVD release of ‘Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season’ doesn’t include any bonus content whatsoever.

[DVD Review] Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season; Now Available On DVD & Digital From Warner Bros 8[DVD Review] Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season; Now Available On DVD & Digital From Warner Bros 9

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Disc Rating: 6.5/10

‘Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season’ is Now Available to Own on DVD & Digital from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

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