CARA/MPAA Film Ratings BULLETIN For 03/27/19; Official MPAA Ratings & Rating Reasons Announced For ‘Late Night’, ‘Abominable’, ‘Haunt’, ‘The Souvenir’ & More

=Updated with the Revised Bulletin!= Welcome back to another new edition of our weekly CARA/MPAA Film Rating Bulletin posts, keeping you updated on all of the newly announced MPAA Ratings and rating reasons courtesy of the official weekly CARA Film Rating Bulletin. This week on the bulletin for March 27, 2019 we have news on the official MPAA ratings and rating reasons for ‘Late Night’, ‘Abominable’, ‘Haunt’, ‘The Souvenir’ and more. Continue after the jump to view images for the entire new bulletin with all of this week’s newly announced ratings.

Below you can look over images for this week’s full new CARA/MPAA Film Rating Bulletin dated 03/27/19 which features the official MPAA ratings and rating reasons for the Amazon Studios film ‘Late Night’ which stars Emma Thompson, Ike Barinholtz and Mindy Kaling (and was also written by Kaling), in addition to the animated film ‘Abominable’, the horror film ‘Haunt’ and the Tilda Swinton starring ‘The Souvenir’, plus many more.

Don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments after you finish looking over the new bulletin and let us know if you’re pleased or upset with any of this week’s new rating announcements. We look forward to seeing each of you back here again next week like always for another new batch of MPAA ratings courtesy of the official CARA bulletin!

You can also search for all movie ratings information new and old at the official CARA/MPAA film ratings site at

=Updated with the Revised bulletin immediately below, which is followed by the originally issued bulletin for 3/27/19=


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