[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Incredibles 2’: Available On 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD November 6, 2018 From Disney•Pixar

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Incredibles 2’: Available On 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD November 6, 2018 From Disney•Pixar 1Incredibles 2 [Blu-Ray]

Director: Brad Bird

Cast: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson (VOICES)

Release Date: November 6, 2018

A Review By: Kevin Lovell

Film Rating: 10/10
Disc Rating: 9.5/10


In “Incredibles 2,” Helen (voice of Holly Hunter) is called on to lead a campaign to bring Supers back, while Bob (voice of Craig T. Nelson) navigates the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life at home with Violet (voice of Sarah Vowell), Dash (voice of Huck Milner) and baby Jack-Jack—whose super powers are about to be discovered. Their mission is derailed, however, when a new villain emerges with a brilliant and dangerous plot that threatens everything. But the Parrs don’t shy away from a challenge, especially with Frozone (voice of Samuel L. Jackson) by their side. That’s what makes this family so Incredible.

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Incredibles 2’: Available On 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD November 6, 2018 From Disney•Pixar 2

Get ready Incredibles fans; the super sequel event we’ve been waiting for is finally here! Disney and Pixar’s ‘Incredibles 2’ rejoins our beloved super-family in a time where supers remain illegal. Hoping to change the world’s view for the better, Helen (aka Elastigirl) is chosen to be the voice of a campaign intended to show the supers of the world in their true heroic light as the first step toward changing the law. But when a new tech-savvy villain dubbed “The Screenslaver” arises and things start to go terribly wrong, the rest of her super-family will have to rise to the challenge because it just may require them all to take down this new threat and save the day before it’s too late.

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Incredibles 2’: Available On 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD November 6, 2018 From Disney•Pixar 3

‘Incredibles 2’ is nothing short of spectacular and returning writer and director Brad Bird comfortably drops us back into familiar territory with style, not having lost a beat in the fourteen years between films. A visually marvelous, heartwarming and action filled ride that keeps true to its predecessor and brings fans the sequel we’ve long been awaiting while never disappointing in the slightest. To say I have been anxiously awaiting this one would definitely be an understatement and granted I may be slightly bias considering ‘The Incredibles’ has been my favorite Pixar film since catching it with my family opening week in theaters, but this follow-up doesn’t miss a beat and retains everything that made the original so great, while at the same time upping the ante in all of the best conceivable ways. With plenty to offer kids and adults alike, while always keeping things relatively kid-friendly for good measure (although some of the action scenes and other small aspects could be a tad frightening for at least some of the real young ones) it’s a perfect second installment that should have no trouble whatsoever slapping a consistent smile on the face of fans and delivering one thoroughly enjoyable ride that’s well worth taking. I strongly encourage anyone that enjoyed the first film to try and make a point of checking out ‘Incredibles 2’ whenever possible, it’s an outstanding sequel and anyone that loves its predecessor even half as much as I do won’t want to even consider missing out on this one.

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Incredibles 2’: Available On 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD November 6, 2018 From Disney•Pixar 4

Overall, ‘Incredibles 2’ is a truly magnificent sequel that’s only better than expected, providing everything we fans had been hoping for all these years and coming together into another family friendly adventure with something for nearly everyone. Serving up plenty of humor, heart and of course superhero action and tension around every turn, and with some truly marvelous animation that’s nothing short of stunning every step of the way. I can’t possibly recommend ‘Incredibles 2’ highly enough, especially for fellow fans of the first film who are sure to be as thrilled as me with this spectacular sequel that delivers all of the heart, action and fun we could have hoped for. At the very least it should easily prove well worth your time and the price of a rental one evening and should also make a perfect candidate for a family movie night.

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Incredibles 2’: Available On 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD November 6, 2018 From Disney•Pixar 5


The Blu-ray release of ‘Incredibles 2’ features a full 1080p High Definition presentation utilizing the film’s original 2.39:1 Cinemascope Aspect Ratio. The video presentation looks magnificent as a whole and offers a sharp, clean and vividly colored presentation from start to finish that suffers no noticeable faults throughout. It holds up beautifully even during the darkly lit, heavily populated and fast moving action sequences, never resulting in anything occurring on screen becoming negatively affected or rendered indiscernible. Overall, this is a spectacular high definition video presentation from Disney that looks consistently wonderful every step of the way and should easily satisfy the fans and first time viewers alike.


The Blu-ray release features a lossless 7.1 channel DTS-HD Master Audio Soundtrack. This multichannel soundtrack provides a crisp, clean and fairly aggressive audio presentation throughout. It frequently takes advantage of all seven available channels in order to send music, along with action effects and plenty more throughout the various speakers with regularity, and never allowing any dialogue or other audio elements that might be occurring simultaneously to become distorted or rendered inaudible in the process. Overall, this is a pretty wonderful 7.1 channel DTS-HD MA soundtrack that sounds great from start to finish and contributes plenty of extra fun to the overall viewing experience.


The Blu-ray release of ‘Incredibles 2’ includes a notable collection of bonus content, and even an entire second Blu-ray disc dedicated entirely to the supplements.  I’ve broken the extras down by disc below for the sake of simplicity and easy navigation.

Included on the first disc (or the Feature disc) is an ‘Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Brad Bird and the animators of Incredibles 2’, along with the animated short ‘Bao’ (running approximately 8 minutes in length) which accompanied the movie in theaters, plus the All-New Mini-Movie ‘Auntie Edna’ (running approximately 5 minutes in length) and a behind the scenes Featurette ‘Strong Coffee: A Lesson in Animation with Brad Bird’ (approximately 19 minutes).

The second disc (or the Bonus disc) offers up a bunch of additional fun extras such as Behind the Scenes Featurettes including interviews/comments with the cast and crew, along with various fun videos and more including ‘Super Stuff’ (running approximately 7 minutes), ‘Paths to Pixar: Everyday Heroes’ (approximately 12 minutes), ‘Superbaby’ (5 minutes), ‘Ralph Eggleston: Production Designer’ (2 minutes), ‘Making Bao’ (6 minutes), in addition to some ‘Deleted Scenes with Introductions by Writer/Director Brad Bird’ (running approximately 40 minutes in length altogether), a collection of ‘Heroes and Villains’ Profiles breaking down the various characters (approximately 26 minutes combined) and some ‘Vintage Features’ which consist of ‘Vintage Toy Commercials’ and ‘Character Theme Song’ videos for Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone (running 30 seconds apiece). Also included are ‘3 Theatrical Trailers’ from around the world (approximately 1-2 minutes each) and the ‘Super Moments’ Promo (4 minutes).

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Incredibles 2’: Available On 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD November 6, 2018 From Disney•Pixar 6[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Incredibles 2’: Available On 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD November 6, 2018 From Disney•Pixar 7

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Film Rating: 10/10
Disc Rating: 9.5/10

 Disney-Pixar’s ‘Incredibles 2’ Arrives Home on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD on November 6, 2018 & is Now Available to Own on Digital from Pixar & Walt Disney Home Entertainment

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