[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’: Now Available On Blu-ray & DVD From DC & Warner Bros

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’: Now Available On Blu-ray & DVD From DC & Warner Bros 1Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season [Blu-Ray] amazon-cart-logo

Cast: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne

Release Date: August 14, 2018

A Review By: Kevin Lovell

Disc Rating: 8/10



Following the devastating explosion on Lian Yu, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returns home to confront a challenge unlike any he’s ever faced: fatherhood. Oliver is determined to embrace this new role while continuing to serve and protect Star City as both Mayor and The Green Arrow. But enemies past and present, including Black Siren (Katie Cassidy), Vigilante (Johann Urb), Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), Cayden James (Michael Emerson) and others, threaten him on all fronts. And bonds within the ranks of Team Arrow—veteran John Diggle (David Ramsey); tech genius Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards); former police captain Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and brilliant inventor Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum), plus newest team members Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) and metahuman Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy)—have become dangerously decayed. The future of Star City is at stake in all 23 of Season Six’s ferociously fast-paced, can’t-miss episodes.

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[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’: Now Available On Blu-ray & DVD From DC & Warner Bros 2

Following the explosive conclusion of season five that brought Oliver’s journey full circle and took him back to the island where it all began years ago, Season Six of ‘Arrow’ finds Oliver with more on his plate than ever before. Not only tackling the daunting tasks that come with being Mayor of Star City all day and fighting criminals by night as the Green Arrow, he must also confront the challenges of fatherhood and balancing his team before everything implodes. But when some unnerving new criminals begin to make a noticeable presence and the city soon begins to find itself teetering towards collapse, it will take every hero possible to stand any chance of stopping the progression of terror and criminal control before everything is truly lost.

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’: Now Available On Blu-ray & DVD From DC & Warner Bros 3

The sixth season of ‘Arrow’ once again brings some changes to the Green Arrow’s world as Oliver Queen tackles more than he could have imagined possible this season when his various personal and professional personas start getting a bit too demanding and tight to properly manage. Bringing back some previous characters such as the always magnificent Deathstroke, while also introducing us to some noteworthy newcomers, season six of ‘Arrow’ certainly has no problem serving up another batch of tense, action-packed and moving episodes that shouldn’t disappoint. Another noteworthy change this time around is the lack of flashback sequences in season six for the first time. It appears that the days of switching between present day and various flashbacks in every episode has passed (perhaps because of the 5-year span he was away now being covered) and instead we now focus more directly on current matters, although there are a few exceptions with episodes jumping back in time, yet for other characters this year as opposed to Oliver. While I never minded the flashbacks all that much in their own right, their absence nonetheless makes for a welcome treat and helps the show find a more steady pace in addition to allowing more concentration on the moment; not to mention helping to keep things somewhat fresh after already over half a decade on the air.

Fellow dedicated fans of the series and/or of the ever expanding DC Television Universe (or Arrow-verse) in general that have been collecting the previous season releases on Blu-ray each year and have been generally pleased with what they have to deliver can rest assured that the Blu-ray release of ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’ definitely holds up with the others when it comes to the technical merits. The latest season release once again providing generally impressive high definition video and audio presentations on all 23 episodes of the season (as well as the bonus crossover event episodes), and featuring some fun extras including all four parts of the DC Crossover event ‘Crisis on Earth-X’, plus some new Behind the Scenes Featurettes (see the technical specification coverage of the review below for more detailed information) that should altogether make this 4-disc set another definite must own for the fans that make a point of collecting every season.

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’: Now Available On Blu-ray & DVD From DC & Warner Bros 4

Overall, season six of ‘Arrow’ delivers another batch of exciting and captivating episodes with plenty of action, tension and the emotionally charged drama that fans have come to love and expect from the show. At the same time ‘Arrow’ also switches things up in some big ways this season such as the lack of flashbacks in each episode this year for the first time in the show’s history which helps to allow more dedication to the current story. Fans of the series who simply haven’t had the chance to catch up on the latest season will probably want to try and make a point of doing so whenever they get the chance in order to be ready for the seventh season’s debut on The CW this October. The hardcore fans that have been collecting the season releases each year will surely want to make a point of picking up a copy of ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’ on Blu-ray to add to your collection as well if you haven’t already done so. This latest 4-disc season release on Blu-ray more than holds up with the previous five and should have no trouble satisfying the collectors who have been generally satisfied with the previous season sets.

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’: Now Available On Blu-ray & DVD From DC & Warner Bros 5


The Blu-ray release of ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’ features a full 1080p High Definition presentation utilizing the show’s original 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio on all of the sixth season’s episodes. The video presentations look fantastic as a whole and provide sharp, clean and smooth video presentations on every episode, with no notable faults to be uncovered throughout. They hold up impressively even during the many darkly lit and/or fast moving action sequences and never result in anything on screen becoming negatively affected, let alone rendered indiscernible. Overall, these are solid high definition video presentations that look pretty great altogether and shouldn’t have much trouble satisfying the fans.


The Blu-ray release features a lossless 5.1 channel DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on all 23 Season Six episodes (as well as the additional 3 bonus episodes included for the crossover event). These multichannel soundtracks serve up crisp, clean and quite aggressive audio presentations on each episode. Often taking full advantage of all five available channels in order to immerse us in the excitement by sending bullets and arrows whipping by, in addition to plenty of other audio elements making their way throughout the various speakers with regularity. Overall, these are another batch of fantastic 5.1 channel DTS-HD MA soundtracks that sound great at every turn and always add some extra fun to the viewing experience.


The Blu-ray release of ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’ includes some enjoyable extras for the fans. Included on the release is All 4 parts of the ‘DC Crossover Event: Crisis On Earth-X’ along with the related Behind the Scenes Featurette ‘Inside The Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X’ (running 42 minutes in length), in addition to a couple new Behind the Scenes Featurettes that explore different aspects of the latest season: ‘The Split of a Man: Deathstroke’ (running approximately 12 minutes) and ‘Revenge in Ones and Zeroes: The Story of Caden James’ (approximately 11 minutes). Also included is ‘The Best of DC TV’s Comic-Con Panels San Diego 2017’ (running approximately 58 minutes).

[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’: Now Available On Blu-ray & DVD From DC & Warner Bros 6[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’: Now Available On Blu-ray & DVD From DC & Warner Bros 7

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Disc Rating: 8/10

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