[DVD Review] ‘Justice League Action: Season 1 Part 1 – Superpowers Unite!’: Now Available On DVD From DC & Warner Bros

Justice League Action: Season 1 Part 1 – Superpowers Unite! [DVD] amazon-cart-logo

Cast: Kevin Conroy, Jason J. Lewis, Rachel Kimsey (VOICES)

Release Date: October 10, 2017

A Review By: Kevin Lovell

Disc Rating: 6.5/10



Witness the Justice League like never before in this all-new animated series where the pace is quick, the action is relentless and the fun is non-stop! The “Trinity” of DC’s Justice League– Superman (voiced by Jason J. Lewis), Batman (Kevin Conroy) and Wonder Woman (Rachel Kimsey)– are joined by a galaxy of rotating allies and enemies like John Constantine, Zatanna, Booster Gold, Plastic Man, Lobo, Mr. Freeze, Black Adam and Swamp Thing. The Super Heroes must battle enemies that include space invaders and bizarre forces of magic as they try to defend Earth from Super-Villains intent on destroying the planet. No matter the threat, the Justice League is ready for the challenge.

Please Note: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Post. The opinions I share are my own.

Gather up the DC Comics and superhero fans young and old as the all new DC animated series ‘Justice League Action’ arrives home with its first DVD collection jam-packed with all of your favorite DC heroes and villains as they repeatedly battle it out in the ever continuing fight between good and evil. Join League members Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Swamp Thing, John Constantine, Firestorm and a whole lot more as they take on such evildoers as Joker, Penguin, Brainiac, Lobo, and Lex Luthor just to name a few. So gather up the snacks, get comfy on the couch and prepare to dive into the 26 action-packed episodes included on this new 2-disc DVD collection ‘Justice League Action: Season 1 Part 1 – Superpowers Unite!’

The latest animated ‘Justice League’ series: ‘Justice League Action’ approaches things a bit differently than previous cartoons featuring the super team, this time around formatting it as a 15 minute series that stays quite true to its name and tagline: it’s all about the action. Featuring regular appearances by key Justice League members Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, along with numerous additional favorites fans should love including everyone from The Atom and Cyborg to Vixen and many more, and bringing no shortage of beloved supervillains along to play as well. It keeps things mildly campy and goofy which should come as no surprise for a modern children-focused cartoon series, but it also offers a great deal of content and characters that DC Comics fans of all ages will love and of course no shortage of action-packed excitement throughout it all. Any DC fans who enjoy the majority of their animated shows will definitely want to make a point of at least giving ‘Justice League Action’ a shot when you have the time, there’s a good chance it won’t disappoint.

Many fellow fans that want to collect the series’ releases will surely be a bit disappointed with the absence of a Blu-ray release (perhaps we’ll be fortunate enough to see a complete season set on BD at some point) but for those that still embrace or at least don’t mind the DVD format, this 2-disc collection delivers quite impressive standard definition video presentations and multichannel soundtracks on all 26 included episodes; totaling up to nearly 5 hours of action-packed fun which should still provide plenty of entertainment even without any bonus content included on the release.

Overall, fellow DC fans will definitely want to make a point of checking out ‘Justice League Action’ if you haven’t already had the pleasure. This new 15-minute Justice League cartoon delivers all of the action-packed fun and excitement kids and adults alike should appreciate and brings home all of your favorite super heroes and villains in this wildly fun new animated series that should also be suitable for fans of nearly all ages. As a huge DC fanatic myself I would definitely recommend ‘Justice League Action’ to any of the fellow fans that also tend to enjoy the more kid friendly content they have to offer. The series never takes things to an excessively silly level, instead finding a fitting middle ground of lighter fun combined with plenty of enthralling action which works remarkably well and is definitely worth giving a shot at the very least. Those who don’t mind the DVD format in general should also find themselves quite pleased with this new 2-disc collection ‘Justice League Action: Season 1 Part 1 – Superpowers Unite!’ which may not offer any bonus content but certainly delivers solid video presentations and multichannel soundtracks on all 26 of the included episodes.


The DVD release of ‘Justice League Action: Season 1 Part 1 – Superpowers Unite!’ features a 16×9 friendly video presentation on all 26 included episodes, each utilizing the 1.78:1 aspect ratio in which they were originally broadcast. The video presentations look pretty fantastic as far as DVD allots and provide sharp, detailed and colorful presentations on every episode, suffering very few and minor faults such as occasional instances of brief video noise and banding. Overall, these are great standard definition video presentations that should easily please fans of the show that still appreciate and collect the DVD format.


The DVD release includes a 384 kbps 5.1 channel Dolby Digital soundtrack on all 26 of the included episodes. These multichannel soundtracks deliver quite crisp, clean and active audio presentations on each episode. They often take advantage of all five available channels in order to immerse the viewer within the action, sending explosions, vehicle activity, magic spells and other fitting audio effects throughout the various speakers, and never conflicting with any dialogue that might be occurring simultaneously. Overall, these are solid 5.1 channel Dolby Digital soundtracks that contribute some extra fun to the overall viewing experience and shouldn’t disappoint.


The DVD release of ‘Justice League Action: Season 1 Part 1 – Superpowers Unite!’ does not include any bonus content whatsoever.

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Disc Rating: 6.5/10

 ‘Justice League Action: Season 1 Part 1 – Superpowers Unite!’ is Now Available to Own on 2-Disc DVD from DC Entertainment & Warner Bros Home Entertainment.

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