The First 11 ‘South Park’ Seasons Are Coming To Blu-ray! Own Seasons 1-5 On December 5 & Seasons 6-11 On December 19, 2017 From Paramount

UPDATE: The release dates for Seasons 1-5 have been delayed a couple weeks by the studio and will now be released on December 5, 2017! Paramount Home Media Distribution has officially announced some truly exciting news for fellow ‘South Park’ fanatics. Get ready to blow all of your holiday spending money on yourself this year as ALL of South Park’s first eleven seasons will be arriving on Blu-ray by the end of the year, allowing us mega-fans to complete our collection of the series in glorious high definition. Seasons 1-5 will be available to own on Blu-ray beginning November 21, followed by seasons 6-11 which will arrive home on December 19, 2017 (seasons 12-20 are of course already currently available to own on Blu-ray). Continue after the jump to read the full announcement, plus artwork for all eleven upcoming releases.



Seasons 1-5 Arrive November 21st

Seasons 6-11 Arrive December 19th


HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Remember when children were abducted by aliens, killed by falling space stations and befriended by talking feces? Ah, the good old days.  Now you can relive every supernatural, extraordinary and downright insane adventure of Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny when “South Park” Seasons 1-11 arrive for the first time ever on Blu-ray.

Each of the first 11 seasons will be released individually in two-disc sets so you can revel in Chef’s Salty Chocolate Balls, Cartman’s Silly Hate Crime and every one of Kenny’s deaths in sparkling high definition.  As an added bonus, the Season 1 Blu-ray set will include uncensored episode commentary by series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, which was not available on the previously released DVD.  For your holiday gift-giving pleasure, the first five seasons will be released individually on November 21, 2017 and Seasons 6-11 will debut on December 19.

Celebrating its 20th year on air in 2017, “South Park” debuted on Comedy Central in August of 1997 and has won numerous awards, including five Emmy® Awards and a Peabody® Award.  Returning for its 21st season beginning on September 13th, “South Park” continues to challenge viewers as it holds a mirror up to society with its irreverent brand of social satire.  Plus, it’s just really, really funny.


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