[Blu-Ray Review] ‘Teen Wolf Too’: Now Available On Collector’s Edition Blu-ray From Scream Factory

Teen Wolf Too (1987) (Collector’s Edition) [Blu-Ray] amazon-cart-logo

Director: Christopher Leitch

Cast: Jason Bateman, Kim Darby, John Astin

Release Date: August 8, 2017

A Review By: Kevin Lovell

Disc Rating: 7.5/10


Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses) stars as Todd Howard, a Hamilton University freshman with a full athletic scholarship — only Todd has no idea why, since he’s far more interested in veterinary medicine than sports. But his boxing coach, Bobby Finstock, is very familiar with the Howard family secret and he’s hoping he can use it to his advantage. When the whole school — including Todd — finds out that he’s a werewolf with superhuman abilities, Todd’s popularity skyrockets and he becomes the big wolf on campus.

But is his fame a gift? Or a curse? And can he keep it from getting in the way of the relationships he has with his best friends and girlfriend? Perhaps a little guidance from his professor (Kim Darby, True Grit), who has a secret of her own, may help Todd learn the biggest lesson of all.

The goofy and unarguably amusing follow-up to the original classic; ‘Teen Wolf Too’ makes its way to Blu-ray for the first time ever courtesy of a snazzy new Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release from Scream Factory that while sold separately, pairs perfectly with their new Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release of the original classic (you can read our review of that release here). ‘Teen Wolf Too’ follows college freshman Todd Howard (and relative of Fox’s character Scott Howard from the original) who while trying to simply catch his breath and hold his own in the fast paced world of college soon discovers that the family curse which be believed to have passed him by begins to materialize. At first dreading the transformation and the curse, Todd soon discovers it just might offer the exact edge he needs to succeed. Directed by Christopher Leitch and starring Jason Bateman, Kim Darby, John Astin, Stuart Fratkin, and more ‘Teen Wolf Too’ was initially released in late 1987 and while far from a great film it definitely delivers some guilty fun and laughs that should still put a smile on the face of anyone who ever enjoyed this silly little sequel.

Fans of this goofy follow-up that just can’t help but love the humorous sequel starring Jason Bateman and those who simply want to make certain their collection is complete will probably want to at least consider picking up a copy of this new ‘Teen Wolf Too’ Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release from the Shout Factory imprint label Scream Factory. Marking the first time it’s ever been released on Blu-ray, this Collector’s Edition offers fairly impressive high definition video and audio presentations on the feature film, in addition to some fun extras, the majority of which were created just for this release, including new interviews with members of the cast and crew, plus more (more detailed information regarding the bonus content can be found in the special features section of the technical specification coverage below) which combined with the quite competent high definition video and audio presentations should make this one a must own for its fans, or those who just find it necessary to own both releases with their complimenting artwork.

Overall, ‘Teen Wolf Too’ arrives on Blu-ray for the first time via this Collector’s Edition release which delivers quite impressive high definition video and audio presentations on the feature film, along with some brand new interviews with members of the cast and crew that were created specifically for this Blu-ray edition. It also comes with gorgeous original artwork that conveniently matches perfectly with the artwork on the new Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release of first film (and of course the usual original artwork also available on the reverse side of the Blu-ray insert). Any diehard fans of this silly, yet fun follow-up to the Michael J. Fox starring original will probably want to make a point of getting their claws on this new Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release which should have no trouble putting a grin on your face.


The Scream Factory Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release of ‘Teen Wolf Too’ features a full 1080p High Definition presentation utilizing the film’s original 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio. The video presentation looks quite impressive as a whole and provides a clean, colorful and gorgeous presentation from start to finish that suffers no notable faults throughout, with the welcome exception of some mild artifacts representative of its source. It holds up without issue even during the fast moving and heavily populated sequences and never allows anything occurring on screen to become negatively affected, let alone rendered indiscernible. Overall, this is solid high definition video presentation that while not quite as outstanding as the presentation provided on the first film, still looks pretty fantastic and should have little trouble pleasing fans.


The Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release features a lossless 2.0 Mono DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. This lossless soundtrack offers a clean, sharp and smooth presentation throughout that perfectly balances the variety of audio activity sharing the limited space, and never causing any dialogue and additionally occurring auditory elements to conflict with one another; making certain that every tidbit remains clean and fully audible at all times. Overall, this is a highly capable 2.0 Mono DTS-HD MA soundtrack that holds up beautifully throughout and shouldn’t disappoint.


The Scream Factory Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release of ‘Teen Wolf Too’ includes some enjoyable and worthwhile extras, many of which were created just for this Blu-ray release. Included are a number of new Interviews with various members of the cast and crew reflecting on the film, they include: ‘Working with the Wolf with Christopher Leitch’ (running approximately 16 minutes in length), ‘A Man of Great Stiles with Stuart Franklin’ (running approximately 16 minutes), ‘Nerdy Girl Saves the Day with Estee Chandler’ (approximately 7 minutes), Otherworldly with Kim Darby’ (7 minutes) and ‘A Wolf in 80’s Clothing’ (10 minutes). A ‘Still Gallery’ (approximately 1 minute) is also included.

*Please note that the above images are taken from the Blu-Ray and resized. They additionally will suffer quality loss as a result of .jpg compression. Larger versions of each image can be viewed by clicking on the image. All images and content included on this Blu-Ray release are the property of their respective owners.

Disc Rating: 7.5/10

The Jason Bateman Starring Sequel ‘Teen Wolf Too’ is Now Available to Own on Collector’s Edition Blu-ray from Scream Factory!

You can purchase ‘Teen Wolf Too Collector’s Edition’ by clicking on the Amazon Cart icon immediately below!


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