[GIVEAWAY] Win An Ultimate ‘The Bronze’ Blu-ray Olympics Prize Pack!: Available On Blu-ray & DVD August 2, 2016 From Sony

The.Bronze-Giveaway.Image-01In celebration of ‘The Bronze’ arriving on Blu-ray & DVD and the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics, we are working with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to offer a lucky reader the opportunity to win a giveaway bundle (aka ‘Hope’s Olympic Home Viewing Kit) including a ‘The Bronze’ Duffel Bag filled with a collector’s cup, random snacks and of course a Blu-ray copy of the film. Hit the jump for the simple instructions on how you can enter for your chance to win.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, we have one (1) Ultimate Prize pack to give away to a lucky reader. The prize pack includes a Blu-ray copy of ‘The Bronze’ along with a collector’s cup and snacks, all packed into a collectible duffel bag from the film (pictures included following the instructions). The winner will be contacted via email after the entry deadline at which point the Prize Pack will be shipped. Just follow the two simple steps listed below in order to enter the giveaway for your chance to win and good luck!:

PLEASE NOTE: The Deadline for entering is Monday, August 8, 2016! No entries submitted after August 8 will be accepted and only US residents are eligible to win.

Step 1:

Simply send an email to giveaway@screen-connections.com with the header/topic ‘Bronze’ and in the body simply put ‘Enter’

Step 2:

Do any one of the following three options:

A. Like our Facebook page and the giveaway post (or any post) pinned to the top of the page

B. Follow us on Twitter and favorite the giveaway post on there

C. Sound off in the comments below telling us why you’re looking forward to owning ‘The Bronze’ Blu-ray Prize Pack! (There are never any wrong answers!)


‘The Bronze’ Arrives on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital August 2, 2016 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment



5 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] Win An Ultimate ‘The Bronze’ Blu-ray Olympics Prize Pack!: Available On Blu-ray & DVD August 2, 2016 From Sony

  1. I want to say it’s because, as a former gymnast, I’m looking forward to seeing a fun movie about the realistic nature (and the politics) of the sport. I want to say it’s because I think it’s great to see Melissa Rauch write and star in a movie that’s so outside the character she’s most well-known for playing on TBBT. But most of all, it’s probably because I’m Sebastian Stan trash and I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie (finally!). Plus: how cool is that gym bag?!

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