[DVD Review] ‘Two Guys And A Girl: The Complete Series’: Now Available On DVD From Shout! Factory

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Cast: Traylor Howard, Ryan Reynolds, Richard Ruccolo

Release Date: Now Available On DVD

A Review By: Kevin Lovell

Disc Rating: 6.5/10


Welcome to Beacon Street Pizza, the perfect workplace and hangout for the aimless wise guy Berg (Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool), the neurotic Pete (Richard Ruccolo, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and the campus beauty Sharon (Traylor Howard, Monk). Together, these three best friends navigate life and love in Boston with hilarious results. The series follows the gang as they navigate their way into adulthood, and not without some season cliffhangers!


The series originally debuted as a mid-season replacement in March of 1998 under its original title ‘Two Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place’ which was later altered (or shortened) to ‘Two Guys and a Girl’ starting with its third season. The sitcom ran for a total of four seasons and followed three best friends who live and work in Boston and the challenges that arise when attempting to find ones place in the world, including trouble with relationships, careers, friendships and plenty more, while naturally always resulting in hilarious side effects. Get ready to relive this hilarious and heartwarming series time and again as it finally makes its DVD debut in this Complete Series collection.


For those who may be unfamiliar with the series, or simply need a refresher; it featured Traylor Howard (TV’s Monk), Ryan Reynolds (Val Wilder, Deadpool) and Richard Ruccolo (TV’s Legit) portraying the lead roles of Sharon, Berg and Pete respectively. The three were joined in the sophomore season by recurring cast members Nathan Fillion (TV’s Castle) and Suzanne Cryer (TV’s Silicon Valley) who both made wonderful additions to the cast and subsequently became series regulars, remaining present up until the end when the show was cancelled during its fourth season. Filled with memorable characters, plenty of laughs and a surprising amount of heart, not to mention more continuing storylines than is commonly the case in sitcoms (especially when it aired), ‘Two Guys and a Girl’ is a fan favorite that is certain to hold up for quite some time and should be a true pleasure to relive in its entirety on DVD.

Fans of this hilarious and heartwarming sitcom (or any of its key cast members) will almost surely want to be certain to pick up a copy of this 11-Disc DVD Box Set of ‘Two Guys and a Girl: The Complete Series’ from Shout! Factory. The release delivers fairly solid standard definition video presentations on each of the 81 episodes in the series and capable Dolby Digital Stereo soundtracks, which while not superb, are surely a result of the source and the best quality available for the series. While many may be slightly disappointed by the lack of any supplemental material included on the release, the reasonable price for this 11 disc set and the inclusion of all four seasons should likely still make it a definite must own for many of the fans.


Overall, while it may not be an absolutely perfect release, the series finally being released in its entirety via a solid Complete Series box set is certainly reason to rejoice and fans of the fantastic sitcom ‘Two Guys and a Girl’ should be thrilled to finally have the opportunity to own the series in its entirety on DVD, and for them this 11 disc box set from Shout! Factory should be a definite must own. Those who enjoy a great a sitcom and never had the pleasure of this one may also want to seriously consider giving it a whirl; you’ll likely be quite pleased you decided to do so.



The DVD release of ‘Two Guys and a Girl: The Complete Series’ features a 4×3 presentation on every episode in the series, utilizing the 1.33:1 aspect ratio in which they were originally broadcast. These full screen standard definition video presentations are fairly solid in most respects, although there is some occasional video noise and distortion present, most likely a result of the source and never overbearing or reaching the point in which it detracts from the overall viewing experience; everything occurring on screen always remaining discernible and fairly clean. Overall, while not perfect, these are pretty decent video presentations that should certainly do the job at the very least.


The DVD release includes a 192 kbps 2.0 channel Dolby Digital Stereo soundtrack on all 81 episodes in the series. The audio presentations sound pretty great for what they are and deliver consistently sharp and clean stereo presentations on every episode, perfectly balancing all of the auditory elements within the two channels and never resulting in any dialogue which may be occurring simultaneously with other auditory elements to become distorted or rendered inaudible. Overall, these are highly capable 2.0 stereo Dolby Digital Soundtracks that deliver in every way required of them.


The DVD release of ‘Two Guys and a Girl: The Complete Series’ doesn’t include any supplemental material whatsoever.


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Disc Rating: 6.5/10

‘Two Guys And A Girl: The Complete Series’; Own the 11-disc DVD Box Set – Now Available from Shout! Factory

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  1. I just discovered the series “two guys a girl and s pizza puce”, with Ryan Reynolds. My husband and I are absolutely hooked on it, and you only made a few seasons, and than you left it open. Completely open! Why would you do that???!!! What would it take for you to at least finish the series; you know, answer the questions you left wide open????!!!!

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