[DVD Review] ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Around The Clubhouse World’; Now Available On DVD From Disney Junior

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Around The Clubhouse World

Release Date: Now Available on DVD.

A Review By: Shawn Savage

Disc Rating: 8/10



Pack your bags and grab your passport. Join Mickey, Minnie and pals on a whirlwind trip Around The Clubhouse World! Climb the Eiffel Tower in France and say “bonjour” to Mademoiselle Daisy and Monsieur Donald Duck. Then, rescue Gondolier Goofy when he goes adrift in Italy’s Grand Canal; solve the mysterious riddle of Pharaoh Pete’s pyramid in Egypt, and meet a dancing dragon at the Great Wall of China. With your help – and the right Mouseketools – your Clubhouse friends can get their special passport stamped at each wonderful location. Featuring over two hours of song-filled fun, including four additional episodes, this global adventure proves it’s a small world after all!


Another Mickey Mouse title is available on DVD, and my son couldn’t be happier. When I told him it was on the way, he made me check the mail every day, asking if his DVD was here yet. When it finally arrived, he played with the case for hours before we were finally able to sit down and watch it. Fortunately, it came with a little passport playset, so he actually had something to play with while he waited. This is a feature-length animated movie, based on the long-running 3D animated show on Disney, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which my son already watches every day of his life. So, when I’m scrolling around online, if he catches a glimpse of a screenshot or a box cover, he darts across the room and starts screaming; “I WANT THAT I WANT THAT!” He’s almost four years old, so I’ve been trying to gravitate him towards some more grown-up toons, you know, ones that I like too, which he has been very receptive to, but no matter what, he still loves his Mickey Mouse. And, truth be told, I don’t mind Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It’s better than a lot of the other kids shows that are available, so I’ll gladly let him watch it, if he wants to watch that instead of something like Justice League.

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This DVD set is cute for young kids, and educational as well. The added bonus of a passport playset allows kids to play along with the show, as the feature transitions between different locale. If you have a child, around 3 or 4 years old, that might be a little advanced for his age, this is a perfect introduction to geography, and world locations. It has the Mickey gang going from one famous attraction to the next, and introduces them to not only the concept of travel, but the idea that where they are right now is no the only place in the world, which some pre-school children might think. We had fun with this DVD. It’s still laying on the entertainment center, and he’s asked to watch it again several times since the first. Once the passport book is stamped, there’s really not a lot more you can do with it, but he still has it laying on top of the rest of his toys in that mess of a room, and still picks it up and looks through it when he walks by. All-in-all, I’d say he highly enjoyed the DVD release of Around The Clubhouse World. Currently, the disc is sitting at 14.99 on Amazon, which is well worth the cost if you ask me. It has maximum replayability, and prepares your child for some of the geographical locations they’ll be learning about very soon when they venture off to school.

 Disc Rating: 8/10

DVD Technical Info:


Director:                                      Donovan Cook (Return to Never Land)

Exec. Producer:                         Rob LaDuca (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)

Producer and Story Editor:   Mark Seidenberg (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)


Full-Length Feature:               Around the Clubhouse World

Additional Episodes:              Donald And The Beanstalk

                                                         Goofy On Mars

                                                         Mickey’s Handy Helpers

                                                         Pluto’s Dinosaur Romp


Bonus:                                           FREE Passport Activity Book

Suggested Retail Prices:        $19.99 U.S./$24.99 Canada

Ratings:                                         TV-Y (US)

Feature Run Time:                    126 minutes

Aspect Ratio:                               1.78:1

Audio:                                            Dolby Digital Surround Sound

Languages:                                   English

Subtitles:                                      English, Spanish

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