‘South Park’ Season 17 Premiere Date Info Includes A Shortened Season Order And No More Split Seasons



Today we have received word that the upcoming seventeenth season of ‘South Park’ will have it’s episode order reduced and will no longer be split and airing during two separate times of the year.  Continue on after the jump for all the info and the Season Seventeen premiere date.

Thanks to word from TheHollywoodReporter we have learned that the Seventeenth season of ‘South Park’ will not be split into two halves, and instead will be reduced from the standard 14 episode season order down to 10 episodes this season.  The entire season will air beginning September 25, so say goodbye to new episodes of ‘South Park’ during the first half of the year as has been standard for numerous years now.

While no specific reason for this change has been stated, rumors have circled about it possibly being done in order to give Matt Stone and Trey Parker more time to concentrate on other projects throughout the year, and don’t be too surprised if this becomes the new standard for upcoming seasons.  Especially with the recent news that the duo just launched their own production company ‘Important Studios’.   I guess we should all just be happy that they haven’t handed the show off to someone else and still continue to put time into it after 16 years.

We will keep you posted on any other news regarding this, and either way we’ll look forward to ten new episodes of ‘South Park’ to air in the seventeenth season premiering September 25 on Comedy Central.

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