Get Ready To Die Hard On Valentines Day With The First Two TV Spots For ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’


For fans of the ‘Die Hard’ franchise who are dying to see more, we bring you the first two TV spots released for the upcoming fifth film in the franchise ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ which is set to hit theaters on February 14.  You can check out both TV spots after the jump.

Immediately below you can check out the first 2 TV spots for the upcoming ‘A Good Day To Die Hard.’  Let’s hope this time around they give us back the gritty and foul mouthed John McClane that we all know and love, and not another PG-13 rating, though I wouldn’t be too shocked if that’s what we do end up with.  Don’t worry though, because we will keep you posted as more news on the film becomes available, and make sure to keep an eye on future editions of our ‘CARA/MPAA Weekly Ratings Bulletin’ for the official MPAA Rating as soon as it’s announced.

‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ hit’s standard theaters as well as IMAX on Valentines Day next year, February 14 from 20th Century Fox.

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