Magnet Unveils A Red Band Trailer For ‘John Dies At The End’ Which Takes Things To A Whole New Level


Today Magnet released the first ever Red Band trailer for the upcoming ‘John Dies At The End’ and it doesn’t hesitate to bring an abundance of foul language, gore & nudity such as one would expect from this film based on reading the novel.  You can check out the red band trailer after the jump.

I personally couldn’t be more excited for this film.  Being a huge fan of the novel and it’s sequel I am quite pleased to see it being adapted for the big screen by none other than Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep).  Immediately below you can check out the red band trailer thanks to IGN and it really gives us a glimpse of the madness that this film is sure to be.

‘John Dies At The End’ will be available everywhere on VOD December 27 and will hit select theaters on January 25 from Magnet Releasing.

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