The New Trailer For ‘Man Of Steel’ Soars Online And It Will Blow You Away


Today Warner Bros released the second official trailer for Zach Snyder’s upcoming Superman Reboot ‘Man Of Steel’ and it looks amazing!  Continue on after the jump to check out the breathtaking new trailer.

My opinion regarding the character of Superman has always been somewhere in the middle.  He has never been one of my favorite superheroes, nor have I ever felt any real dislike toward the character.  While the character of Superman has not been seen on screen much as of late, Zack Snyder (Director of 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch) may just have brought what was really needed to bring Superman back into everyone’s attention front and center judging by this trailer alone.  While the initial trailer screened before ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ didn’t show much of anything for us to judge the film by, this trailer delivers about 2.5 minutes of footage, and prepare to be wowed.   I just became a lot more excited for this film.

‘Man Of Steel’ is currently slated to hit theaters in 2D, 3D & IMAX 3D on June 14 2013 from Warner Bros & DC.

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