SyFy Dishes Details Regarding The Season Finale Of ‘Haven’


The current season of ‘Haven’ has really stepped up the game.  This season has been without question the best yet, giving the impression this is one of those shows that just get’s better and better as it moves along.  SyFy has released an official press release with details regarding the Season Three Finale.  Continue on after the jump for the press release.

The third season of ‘Haven’ is set to wrap with the season finale airing on Friday December 21.  For those of you who don’t want anything spoiled for you (not sure if anything actually is, but even I didn’t read the entire press release just to be safe) you might want to hold off.  Those of you who don’t mind spoilers and always want the latest info, direct your attention immdiately below for the full press release issued by SyFy.



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