Chevy Chase Officially Drops Out Of 'Community' Will Not Return After Season Four 5

With the fourth season of Community right around the corner, set to debut in February taking over 30 Rock’s time slot, news has apparently spread across every corner of the web that Chevy Chase won’t be returning if the show continues it’s run past the upcoming season, nor will he appear in the final episodes yet to shoot for season four. Continue on after the jump for more.

Chevy Chase Officially Drops Out Of 'Community' Will Not Return After Season Four 6On the heels of the near wrap for Community’s shortened 13-episode fourth season comes the announcement from Deadline that Chevy Chase will not be returning to the series should it continue after the fourth season.  Sources say the show has currently wrapped 11 of it’s 13 episodes ordered for the fourth season.  Chase will still be present for the majority of this season, only not appearing in the couple of episodes that have currently not completed filming.

There is no word on whether the show will be renewed for a fifth season.  It is very possible it will not be unless viewership improves with the upcoming season as the fourth season will hit the magic number required for syndication.  More news to come on that at a later date as it becomes available.  It won’t be possible to tell until we are able to obtain some ratings for the season once it begins airing in February.

The new season of ‘Community’ will premiere on Thursday February 7 at 8/7c on NBC taking over ’30 Rock’s’ current time slot following the completion of it’s final season.


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