Killer New Featurette Explores the Gore Aspect for 'The Collection' 4

Most horror fans that enjoy films such as ‘The Collection’ (the follow up to Dunstan/Melton’s ‘The Collector’) can all agree on at least one thing, in a film such as this, gore is an important factor.  It seems the filmmakers behind ‘The Collection’ couldn’t agree more.  Hit the jump for the featurette video.

The following video gives us a basic idea of what to expect when ‘The Collection’ hits theatres on Friday November 30 (being tagged as ‘the real black friday’) and i have to admit it’s a pretty interesting little look at the film without ruining much in the process.  This days, that’s a rare thing.  It also gives us a few glimpses of the quality and level of the gore involved in this second outing in the series.  Check out the video below

‘The Collection’ hits theatres on Friday November 30 via LD’s new distribution label!

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