CARA/MPA Film Ratings BULLETIN For 12/11/19; Official MPA Ratings & Rating Reasons For ‘Downhill’, ‘Escape From Pretoria’ & More

Welcome back once again to another new edition of our weekly CARA/MPA Film Rating Bulletin posts, keeping you updated all year long with the latest MPA ratings and rating reasons […]

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CARA/MPAA Film Ratings BULLETIN For 10/09/19; Official MPAA Ratings & Rating Reasons For ‘Frozen 2’, ‘Playing With Fire’, ‘Dark Waters’ & More

Welcome back everyone to the latest edition of our weekly CARA/MPAA Film Rating Bulletin posts, making sure to keep you updated on all of the newly announced MPAA ratings and rating reasons as announced each week in the official CARA Film Rating Bulletin. This week’s bulletin for October 9, 2019 includes…

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