A List of 10 TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Summer; 2014


As we TV fans already know quite well, the summer is the one time of the year that tends to be unquestionably slower than any other part of the year for original television programming. As a huge TV fan myself, I know it often becomes a challenge to find many quality original shows to watch over the summer (especially scripted shows as I personally am not a fan of reality TV at all), but there are often a few hidden gems to be discovered each year, not only in new shows finally seeing the light of day over the summer schedule, but also a number of shows which have become returning favorites that I find myself looking forward to each year once summer time starts nearing and the fall programs start wrapping. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of 10 noteworthy shows airing this summer that I think are more than worth a watch, for those looking for some quality shows to fill some quiet summer nights. Hit the jump to check out my 10 selections compiled of both new and returning shows, all airing this summer and all highly recommended. I’d also love to hear any comments or suggestions others may have regarding quality summer shows they think are well worth checking out, so please also make sure to leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments section below. Continue reading “A List of 10 TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Summer; 2014”